• The Boart Longyear

    Hall of Fame

    From March until August 2015, we are inviting nominations of employees – past and present – who have worked more than 10 years with the Company and made a significant contribution to Boart Longyear or the mining industry more ›

  • Parts and Services

    Our full-service team provides every angle of support including maintenance, commissioning, training, rig customization and service exchange. more ›

  • TruCore™

    Designed for Drillers by Drillers

    TruCore is a first-in-industry integrated core orientation system that enables drillers to increase productivity and decrease spend on consumables.more ›

  • Introducing

    BLH DTH Hammer Series

    The new line of down the hole BLH hammers are cutting edge rock drilling technology offering high performance, outstanding reliability, simplicity, and lower operating costs.more ›

  • Global

    Drilling Services

    Boart Longyear offers the most experienced crews, innovative methods, and the best equipment so your project is worry-free – anywhere in the world. more ›